Own page one of Google Search
A lot of people rank on the first page of Google. Here’s what you do to take it over.

Own page one of Google Search

A lot of people rank on the first page of Google. Here’s what you do to take it over.

Ranking on the first page of Google Search is the SEO dream, of 5 years ago. Today’s users are good at telling the real boss apart from the fluff very easily. For real content authority on a topic, you need to have multiple links ranking on page one of Google Search. Let us walk you through 6 tips on how to do just that:

1. To be the boss on a topic, create a nexus – Interlink Content:

Interconnect the content on your website based on similar themes so that all your content is directing users to other relevant articles/pages across your website through cross linking. This makes sure that multiple pages rank on the first page of Google Search for the search terms you’re targeting

2. More the merrier – Create more than one page to cover a topic:

To be able to interlink content, you need multiple pages that cover the same themes of content and include the same keywords that you want to rank on. This gives higher chances for your content to rank higher and with more than one listing

3. Clones are boring – Do not duplicate content:

Ever been on a website where every link you browse to says the same thing in different words? With the same keywords stuffed into the content? Isn’t that a boring and extremely frustrating waste-of-time user experience? Don’t do that. Instead, break your content into a series, tackle smaller themes of a broader concept on separate pages or have a unique take in every piece.

For Google, the user is the God. A bad user experience is a definite no-no.

4. Invite everyone to the party – Build links for all pages

Invite the popular people to the party but don’t forget their entourage. Your hero article might be getting all the attention, but to take over the first page of Google Search make sure you’re paying as much attention to all the pages covering a particular topic to make more than one page rank on page one.

Build links to all the pages and not just the top ranking one.

5. You know it, to find lovers you need to go out more – Social sharing matters

This is a no brainer, you need to share your hero article and all the other articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But here’s the catch, when you post an article or page on social feeds, most of your followers will miss it. So what do you do? Share it multiple times over 6 months. This will increase chances of people seeing and engaging with your content, linking back to it through shares and comments and overall user count.

6. Hipsters are not always cool – Get rid of outdated content

The world is moving faster, a lot of things you write about are going to get outdated very fast. There are tools and platforms that go off the grid, get re-branded or merge with other identities. And this is just a small example. Whatever field you’re creating content in, what you wrote about a year ago might not be relevant today. Update the content that makes your website rank, once in six months, so that it stays relevant and doesn’t drive users away to sources with fresher content.

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